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Historic Auburn CourthouseHistoric Superior Courthouse in Auburn, CA

Auburn is “home” to Joseph E. Maloney and his family. The Placer County Superior Court also has a new justice facility in Roseville. The historic Auburn Courthouse will be host to occasional civil trials. Mr. Maloney practices in Sacramento Superior Court as well.



Sacramento Federal CourthouseFederal Courthouse in Sacramento, CA

As a former Department of Justice attorney, the Federal Courthouse in Sacramento, CA has been the court of general practice for Joseph E. Maloney for over 22 years. Perhaps no one has more civil litigation experience in this court. Mr. Maloney has also practiced in the district’s satellite court located in Fresno, CA. 



San Francisco Federal CourthouseFederal Courthouse in San Francisco, CA

Joseph E. Maloney tried an employment case to a jury in this courthouse in 2003. He is familiar with practice in the Northern District of California, which is headquartered in San Francisco, with branches in Oakland and San Jose.



Los Angeles Federal CourthouseFederal Courthouse in Los Angeles, CA

Joseph E. Maloney tried a federal civil rights suit to a jury in this courthouse in 1998. The Central District is headquartered in Los Angeles, but has satellite courts elsewhere in Southern California.




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